Grill Tangkapan Air 60x60 Kota Bogor

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25 Apr 2022
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Specification of Grill Tangkapan Air 60x60 Kota Bogor

Sell a catch of water
We Sell Catch Water Grill a grill shaped drainage component that is made through a metal casting production process. Building a housing, for example, must pay attention to the drainage system. As a tropical country, Indonesia has 2 seasons, namely the dry season and the rainy season. Of the two seasons, it was the rainy season that was more worried. Because, in the rainy season some cities in Indonesia are flooded. We sell a catch of water for the pattern we can design according to the character of the city / place to be installed. We Sell Catching Water Grill that is strong and enduring steel.
CV. Mega Jaya Logam Sell Catching Water Grill which is not only used to catch excess road surface water, Catch Water Grill also has a function to:
- Waste filters so as not to enter the main channel.
- The entrance of the channel when the janitor clears the sewers (specifically the large size grill).
- Hold the vehicle load, and
- Can also be an aspect of beautifying urban planning, especially roads and sidewalks.
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